Personal growth is an active and intentional process that requires a plan.

Below are two programs that will put you on the path to becoming the best version of you.

Power and Purpose Course


This is an acronym to describe the intensive work that this program is going to guide you through! This program is NOT for the faint of heart because Hogan intends to guide you, coach you and push you harder than you have ever been pushed before!

We will help you get more clear and more focused!

P – Purpose
O – Ownership
W – Willingness
E – Energy
R – Relentlessness

You want to jumpstart your progress? Get out of the rut? Ready to forward right now?

Power and Purpose Workbook

It all started on the sports field, as a team member, eventual 3-year captain, two-time All-American, and member of a National Championship football team.

The pursuit of goals has been a part of my life for many years, learning from Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley and so many other great mentors! The knowledge shared with them helped me to shape my thinking and develop crystal clear goals for my life.

But actually, it began sooner than that! My grandmother, Pat Laine, aka Nan, was my first teacher. I received many life lessons and great guidance while sitting around playing gin rummy, Scrabble, and backgammon. She was sharing stories while gifting me wisdom at a young age.

-Coach Chris Hogan

Dig Deeper Course

 Too often we can get stuck going through the motions or living someone else’s plan for our lives. 


No MORE! It’s time for us to awaken, get more clear and DIG DEEPER!! This course is designed for someone to be able to go through it at their own pace! 

It’s derived from research and real-life! Do you want more clarity for yourself and your life?
Do you want to shake off some crap that’s hindering you?

Got some old stuff still standing in your way? This process is going to push you, challenge you and set you up for moving forward!

Are you ready to do this? Let’s start digging! 

Click the link, get your shovel and let’s get things moving! 

Working one-on-one, we will do the following:

  1. Clearly define your goals
  2. Gain an understanding of your motivation
  3. Identify the obstacles in your way
  4. Check on your mental energy
  5. Discover ways to increase motivation
  6. Get you moving forward on your journey