Coach Chris Hogan


I have spent the last 25 years helping and guiding people to achieve their dreams and goals. It all started on the sports field, as a team member, eventual 3-year captain, two-time All American, and member of a National Championship football team.

The pursuit of goals has been a part of my life for many years, learning from Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, and others! 

The knowledge shared by these mentors helped me to shape my thinking and develop crystal clear goals for my life.  

But it actually began sooner than that! My grandmother, Pat Laine, aka Nan, was my first teacher! I got many life lessons and great guidance while sitting around playing rummy, scrabble, and backgammon! She was sharing stories but gifting me wisdom at a very young age. 

Nan’s mission was to help shape my way of thinking so I could think, plan and create for myself! Helping me understand that the world brings challenges, but all opportunities and I would need to choose. 

So, that’s what I have done. I have chosen to help people reach their goals and dreams! 
People matter, and people’s dreams matter. And unfortunately, life and obstacles can get in the way and cause chaos. It’s in the chaos and the undetermined that we must stand firm on what we believe, what we want, and why it matters. 

Other people’s opinions, thoughts, or responses really have no impact on our dreams and desires. We forget this, but we must not only remember it, we also need to believe it! The last couple of years have brought a lot of change in my life! But, I know that things happen for a reason, and these changes have freed me from many constraints! I now have the ability to focus on the areas that are also very important to me.

Now, I have the freedom to pursue, care, and share lessons that I have learned from the past. But, I also get a chance to make a difference with people, whether in business, leadership, or in their personal lives!

Change is hard, and life is tough! So, we must decide are we spectators or participants? Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy if we are willing to work and sacrifice to make it happen! I want to help people navigate their path with clear communication, care, and connection!